Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Donations to Love

We receive your donations with earnest thanks.

2 for 1 Movie Voucher
(expired) Transport Concession Card
(ready to eat, unwrapped) Mentos
(FREE) Postcard
 Peppermint Tea Bag
 BIG BOX of Tic Tac’s
2 Bandaid’s
(slightly wilted) Fresh Spinach Leaf
 (love red meat) Sticker
 (next one FREE) Gloria Jeans Coffee Card
(last piece) of Chewing Gum
(pre-loved, expired) Metcard
Post-It! note-pad (including) Love Note
Travel Pack of Kleenex Tissues (re-sealed)
Folded Program to New Babylon
 (mysterious, best left untouched) Tube of Cream…Lip-Gloss??
Jewellery Trinket made of Shell
 Business Card for (hopefully delicious) Dumpling House Restaurant
8 beautiful LOVE Letters

Each of these items will be embraced as we enter into the coming days. 
There is real threat of sorrowful downpours and hypothermic-prevention-cream is being purchased as I write. 

These are the days to throw on your entire wardrobe and journey to the edge of the earth! 

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Large parts engulfed

Large parts engulfed. I am that devastated, I’m leaking.
I cried a wall of water, kilometres wide – it crashed and flooded my body.
An explosion sent flames bursting through my heart, destroying all feeling and sensation.
I consider this has the potential to generate destructive behaviour around my strict epicentre. 
I might issue a warning - death counts.
I evacuated my life, faster than a bullet speeding towards me.
The worst in history, the worst in my history.  
There were several areas affected on my body – my heart and brain, stomach, thighs and waist. The infection just kept spreading.
There is no threat of heartache today.
I want you to send me all your happy photos.
After all, I was smashed and the unstoppable carried me away.
When it struck the 78th time, I once again found myself leaking.
The heart I have learned is never closed for the day.

The aftershock was felt far away.
Here, I felt nothing.
Nothing radiated from my body, through the atmosphere, all the way to the moon.
To minimise the damage, counteract much falling over and tackle this disaster of disasters,
I pulled my strength together and did last year’s tax return.
I got help from family and friends.
Crisis management.
If you are worried about me, don’t.
If you’d like to take me out on a date, call my mobile  and I’ll let you know that I’m ok.
Please bear in mind that The Department of Foreign Affairs is trying to determine the extent of my disrepair and may recommend a holiday to China.

There use to be romance here, when I was tall and strong. When the golden sands of the beach were crowded for the ceremony.
My thoughts are still missing scattered like ashes, all the while they are encouraging survivors to heal their broken hearts.
How could I remain so untouched?
I haven’t been so forlorn since 1989.
Yet as a symbol of hope and defiance I will take a holiday and forget to pack all emotional baggage.
Blood oozes from a scratch on the trunk of my favourite tree.
At least I might establish proper support for real victims.
We must watch video feedback as evidence of the force of the disaster and continue to be rock n rolled by aftershocks, the final number of which is difficult for me to add up.
Like me, you must brace yourself for the possibility that all of this will be reduced to a minute silence.
Alas! Constructions need to be constructed and so muffle the sounds of our tragic mourning.
Until such time as blood growth and rhythm is up by 50%, the Prime Minister is expected to do nothing and the Premier will plant a tree.
We could argue that such a response is the result of an underlying weakness, but it’s really unsafe to understand it too well and so it’s best to generously gloss over the details with a neutral tone of Dulux wash n wear.

These are the days to pour concrete onto your soul and do nothing until such time as the structure is stable.
Then, we, yes you and I, will be a stable disaster accelerating toward standing together as one whoever we are, whatever place we are in    85% power, 65% water a persistent rash on everybody permanently erring on the side of caution nobody smiling anymore.

(F. Bryant & L. Farmer 2012)

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Not the first - and definitely not the last, run...

We have stepped out of the rehearsal studio and have traveled to lands afar. With our runner in sight, we witnessed her momentum and contemplated her journey from the safety and comfort of our vehicle.

I know I talk a lot, but it's quality Lucy, not quantity that the masses want. I will endeavour to remember as we continue to make these journeys.

But the sights we saw! The lessons we learned! There is so much information to impart on my fellow passengers I want to share the world with them yet I don't know where to start! (The Beginning is always a good spot - wherever that is...)

We had a brief stop to get some happy tourist snaps in a new location, then our runner, faster than a bolt of lightning, sped off towards the Destination with us in her wake...

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A Meeting with Friends

How exciting - and what a difference it makes - 
having friends to talk to, 'experiment' on and perform for!

Fiona and I emerged from the orange box (all the way to the footpath outside)
and indulged our visitors with a few morsels of the adventure to come: 
our journey to the edge of the earth. 

Being as one with the elements (as you can see, 
here we were contending with beautiful sunshine and generally mild, 
lovely weather) we were able to play with several parts 
of our intended expedition. 

I don't yet see a bus - our transport to carry you on this adventure, 
but it was there, in spirit. 

Tomorrow I drive the path you and I will take, 
but our runner will not be with us - she will be of course, running....

Friday, 6 April 2012

Reading material

I look at the pile of books on my desk today - a slightly odd collection, much as Hiatus is shaping up to be! A showing during rehearsals this past week (Maximised by Chunky Move), made me realise I'd quite entirely forgotten the humour that exists in this performance - a humour that has at times filled me with tearful laughter.

The reading score for a balanced experience:

For inspiration read Pat Farmer's Pole to Pole: One Man, 20 Million Steps
When Pat gets too much (accounts of puss being removed from infected toes is not so inspirational),
Read Lucy Walker's Six for Heaven and feel the LOVE.... "his arm took my arm and I felt it's strength...."
and, for a picture of reality and some food for contemplation, a flip through the Next Wave Magazine!
Repeat as required.

Monday, 26 March 2012

A Touch of Formality...

A cape will always make you feel SUPER...
and I am super warm, and ready for anything.

I've dragged myself away from the romance novels ('research') 
and am now moving in an orange box with my friend.

The first day of our third development, Fiona and I are keeping safe, 
keeping super, and re-equainting ourselves with 'art-making' and not 'admin'. 

Nothing like donning a cape to start the formal proceedings...